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15 Sep 2022: The Greek Residency Program: Why invest into the Hellenic Republic

Over the past few years Greece has become an attractive pole for investors due to the countrys’ unique location, history, climate and natural resources. Situated at the crossroad of three continents, Greece is a major business center, particularly within the shipping and tourism sectors, while it is considered to be the number 1 holiday destination. Most investors choose the Hellenic Republic for their permanent residency for…

The EU simplified extradition procedure
01 Aug 2022: The EU simplified extradition procedure

A human beings’ fundamental right to free movement and residence can be subject to an international and / or European warrant issued by the Competent Authorities of each country in cooperation with Interpol or Europol. The placement of an individual’s identification information on the list of wanted persons converts such person into a fugitive and the procedure of extradition of the subject to the country where…